Eos Utilities

EosFit Calculator

This is a GUI built on the Eos cfml library to act as a rapid P-V and P-V-T calculator. You can use it to calculate P from V and T, V from T and P, etc.

First release was March 2015 to replace the EosFit v6 calculators.
New features in this version:
  • One program does P and P,T calculations.
  • Handles linear and volume EoS.
  • Handles all of the EoS and thermal expansion models suported by EoSFit 7.
  • Saves and reads in EoS parameters with the new 'eos' file type. So you can use the EoS you fit and then save from EosFit-7c and EosFit-GUI!

The EosFit calculator is automatically installed when you install the EosFit program suite in any system: MAC, Linux or Windows. Then just create a short-cut or link directly to the calculator executable to run it directly without the GUI!


This is a GUI built on the Eos cfml library to do rapid calculations for host-inclusion systems. It duplicates some of the functions in the isomeke utility of the EosFit7c program. EosFit-Pinc can:
  • Read EoS as .eos files from any other EosFit7 program.
  • Import EoS from Thermocalc.
  • Calculate final inclusion pressures from known entrapment P and T.
  • Calculate entrapment isomekes from measured remnant inclusion pressures.
  • Calculate isomekes and isochors of the two phases.

EosFit-Pinc is only available for Windows. The methods and program are described in:
Angel RJ, Mazzucchelli ML, Alvaro M, Nestola F (2017) EosFit-Pinc: A simple GUI for host-inclusion elastic thermobarometry. American Mineralogist, 102, 1957-1960.

Latest update: June-2017. If you have an earlier version, please install this new version for compatability with the rest of the EosFit program suite.

Download a self-installer and run it. It will install the EosFit-Pinc program, some example .eos files and the EoSFit-7 help system. Read the help system to understand how the program works and the basis for the calculations.