Ross J Angel

Research Scientist,
Istituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse,
CNR, Padova

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My invited talk at the Centennial Symposium of the Mineralogical Society of America, in June 2019, on the application of physics to petrology can be viewed here.

I have been a research crystallographer for my entire scientific career of over 35 years, during which time I have authored or co-authored more than 250 publications in international scientific journals, with an h-index of 53 (Web of Science). The focus of my research has been to understand the structure-property relationships of key industrial and geological materials with the aim of providing the basis for rationale materials design and understanding geological processes:
  • I have developed and established novel methods for single-crystal diffraction at extreme conditions in order to characterize and understand the fundamental relationship between the atomic-scale structures and properties of materials. The software that I have developed for diffractometer control and processing of data is distributed freely from this web site and is in use by many research groups world-wide.

  • I am applying elasticity theory to understand the properties of composite materials so as to develop a method of piezobarometry to determine rock histories independent of chemical methods. This work is part of the ‘True Depths’ project led by Matteo Alvaro in Pavia.

  • I have used diffraction methods in combination with Landau theory, symmetry-mode analysis, and a novel topological forward-modelling technique that I have developed, to determine the structure-property relationships of framework structures. These include the most abundant minerals in the Earth and the most important materials for electronics (perovskites) and chemical engineering (zeolites and MOFs).
This research has been recognised by international and national awards, and professorships, and by industry in the form of collaborations with instrument development companies. I have served the scientific community in professional societies, as a journal editor for more than 25 years, and as a member of numerous review panels for national funding agencies and central facilities. I am also very active in teaching crystallography, diffraction methods, elasticity theory, and scientific communication skills, both in regular courses and as workshops and seminars.