SINGLE is a control program for four-circle diffractometers equipped with point detectors. It is especially optimised for precise determination of lattice parameters from single crystals, but will perform intensity data collections and other types of scans and diffraction measurements on single crystals. It handles the restrictions on diffraction from crystals held in a variety of furnaces and diamond-anvil pressure cells.

SINGLE runs under Windows. It drives the Huber SMC9000 and SMC9300 controllers, the Stoe Stadi4 and the Siemens P4 motor controllers. It is installed and used in many single-crystal laboratories around the world. The software can also be run in "dummy" mode without a diffractometer to do diffractometer calculations off-line. If you have other diffractometer controllers you want to automate, or requests for new features, please contact us by e-mail.

The program is described in an article published as Angel and Finger - 'SINGLE: a program to control single-crystal diffractometers'. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2011, 44, 247-251. A reprint is available as a pdf file, Copyright © International Union of Crystallography.

Download a zip archive that includes the program, auxiliary files and manuals. Extract the installation guide and read it for instructions about how to install and configure the software. The installation guide also includes examples of how to configure your diffractometer hardware. If you would like help in installing this software on your diffractometer, please contact us.

If you download and use Single, please register with us by e-mail, so that we can inform you of new releases and updates of the software.

Last Update: 9-April-2024. This version has some minor bug fixes to the 2015 version, a new FIX command to disable individual diffractometer motors and improved checking and recovery from errors on the comm line to the diffractometer controller. See the User's manual for details.

SINGLE is used to run diffractometers in the following laboratories:

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