Elastic geobarometry is a method to determine the entrapment conditions (P and T) of inclusions in host minerals from the strains of the inclusions measured in the laboratory. Inclusion strains can be measured by diffraction, or by measuring their Raman spectra and determining the strains via the mode Gruenesien tensors with the StRAinMAN program. Both the EosFit-Pinc and EosFit-7c programs can be used to calculate entrapment conditions for isotropic host-inclusion systems. The new Host-Inclusion utility in EosFit-7c does the calculations for anisotropic systems.

These calculations are complicated and involve many steps. EntraPT is a new web application for elastic geobarometry written by ML Mazzucchelli. It is designed to make elastic thermobarometry easier by providing all of the analysis and graphing tools in one web-based application. You can graphically analyze the residual strains of your inclusions and estimate their entrapment conditions, all in one place. It makes also easy to export, reuse, share and compare your data. EntraPT is not part of EosFit, but uses EosFit to perform the EoS parts of the calculations. EntraPT is hosted on the Mineralogy Laboratory website of the University of Pavia.