Win-IntegrStp is a Windows program that allows single-crystal X-ray intensity data collected with point detector diffractometers to be examined and integrated by full-profile fitting. It handles data files from a wide variety of diffractometer control packages including Stoe software, Xscans, Febo, Crysalis, CAD4, and Single. It runs in both manual and automatic modes for integration. It also has facilities for calculating unit-cell parameters from the fitted peak positions. Together with the delta-d plots, these are very useful for the last stages of fine alignment of a four-circle diffractometer.

The program is described in J. Appl. Cryst. 36, 295-300 which is also available as a pdf file Copyright International Union of Crystallography.

Download a zip archive that includes the program, the users guide, a pdf of the article, and example datafiles. Then extract the pdf file of the manual which contains further installation instructions.

If you download and use WinIntegrStp, please register with us by e-mail, so that we can inform you of new releases and updates of the software.

Last Update: Version 3.72 (December 2014). This version has a few small bug fixes to v3.70.

If you are using an older version, please update to this version. Please read the version notes in the manual, carefully, before attempting any installation!